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News Quality of Life Update

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by bit, May 13, 2019.

  1. bit

    bit Retired Administrator

    Jan 10, 2019
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    4:08 AM
    Good afternoon Cubecadians!

    Boy, oh boy, do we have some exciting news for you!
    Cubecade has undergone many important updates as well as additions over the past few weeks. I will have a full change log posted below but many of the updates are very noticeable. We encourage you all to hop on Cubecade as soon as possible to check out these spectacular additions and changes!

    On another quick note, expect to see some potential creator changes as well as new guys hopping into the Cubecade team. I will be creating a separate announcement regarding this when it is time. ;)

    We hope you all continue to play our servers and look for some truly amazing things in store for this summer!
    Full Changelog:

    • Completely revamped the cosmetics & unlockables experience on Cubecade
      • Unlockables can no longer be purchased directly
      • Added Legendary (Premium) cosmetic rarity
      • Improved the cosmetics menus with better descriptions
    • Removed the Unlock Smith
      • This is done in preparation for the soon to come Lobby Update
    • Greatly improved the value of cases and methods to obtain them
      • Basic Cases can be found by playing games
        • 3% Chance of dropping a Basic Game Case
        • 7% Chance of dropping a Basic Vanity Case
      • Special Cases can now be Forged in the Case Breaker
        • Costs 1,500 Coins
        • Premium ranks have a chance of forging Mythical instead
          • Pro - 3%
          • Elite - 7%
          • Ultimate - 14%
      • Mythical Cases can now be purchased from the store (Case Packs)
    • Upped the value of Case Packs (Same price)
      • Now results in a pack of 7 Mythical Cases
      • Decreased the chance of finding coins quite a bit
    • Added Stat Resets to the store
    • Added Achievement Resets to the store
    • Improved the description and details for each store package
      • Categories now also received a description
    • Completely revamped Outfits
      • Outfits are now split into four respective parts (Head, Torso, Pants, Boots)
      • Each piece is now obtained individually
      • Outfit pieces can now be combined
      • All pieces can be easily disabled with the click of a button
    • Added information about our Premium Ranks in the hub
      • Each NPC can be clicked to reveal information
    • Revamped & updated The Hub
      • Now with an all new layout
      • Added a secondary Case Breaker
      • Moved around some of the interactive features
      • Improved leaderboard readability
      • It just looks really cool, lol
    • Improved /emote
    • Added Railgun gadget
      • Uses your currently selected Quake Craft beam color
    • Added Sp00ky Scary Skeleton gadget
    • Added Wand gadget
    • Added Coin Bomb gadget
    • Hub sidebar now displays your full coin amount
    • Added Leap Effects cosmetics
      • Work in all places you can double-jump
    • Fixed various reported bugs (Thanks!)
      • Bow Spleef arrows now work as intended
      • Lobby selector no longer displays ghost hubs
      • Staff Room achievement now triggers correctly
      • Fixed inventories breaking when clicking fast
      • Fix space in front of Level in profile hologram
    With love,

    The Cubecade Administration
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  2. Amun

    Amun Well-Known Member

    Mar 17, 2019
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    4:08 AM
    This is one great update i must say ^-^
  3. Qurpo

    Qurpo Well-Known Member

    Mar 17, 2019
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    10:08 AM
    Can't wait for the summer and what CubeCade has to show! :)
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