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Help and Support

All of the things you might need to know

  • Server

  • What is Cubecade?

    We're a ballin Minecraft server. That's all you need to know. Actually, we're a new and innovative Minecraft minigame network creating reliably awesome content. Check out our list of cool games at the Games page or hop on to the server!

  • I'm new here! How do I play?

    You'll need a premium (purchased) Minecraft account, then join play.cubecade.net, by adding it as a server in your multiplayer list. You'll need to be on version 1.8 - 1.13. See you there!

  • What is the IP?

    Our server IP is play.cubecade.net.

  • Is Cubecade free?

    Cubecade is 100% free-to-join and always will be. We do encourage our members who wish to support the server to purchase a rank on our Official Store.

  • The Rules

  • What are your server rules?

    Our in-game rules can be found here.

    Our forum rules can be found here.

  • I think I saw a rulebreaker. How do I report them?

    Thank you for taking your time to make the server a better place! We have a dedicated staff team who try to deal with every bad egg but unfortunately a few do slip through. If you see someone breaking any of the rules report them on our forums and we'll take care of it.

    The link to report a player can be found here.

  • How do I appeal a ban?

    You can appeal a ban through making an account on our forums and posting in the Appeals section.

    The link to appeal a punishment can be found here.