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Rod Royale

Rod Royale

skywars duels

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More Detail & How to Play

Boost Pads: In order to use the boost pads run over them. A helpful tip is that timing a jump at the same time as hitting a boost pad can give you an extra boost. It is also very helpful to note that if you are not in combat and you fall off the map you will return to your previous position and the round will proceed until a player is eliminated. Normal Boost Pad: Gives a small boost Represented by yellow stained glass and a gold block Charged Boost Pad: Hop between islands Represented by green stained glass and an emerald block Supercharged Boost Pad: Launches you across the map Represented by red stained glass and a redstone block

Chests: There are two tiers of chests: Tier I (1), and Tier II (2). The loot from chests will respawn after 1 minute and 30 seconds of opening. Tier I: Contains common loot Represented by wood chests Are more common to find than Tier II chests You will find items made out of basic materials in these chests You can also find basic tier rods (i.e. simple, advanced) Tier II: Contains special loot Represented by enderchests Are less common to find than Tier I chests Any chest opened has a chance to be a Tier II chest You will find items made out of rare materials in these chests You can also find higher tier rods (i.e. mighty, blazing, gravity) You can also find more special items (check special items section)

Rods: These rods are what give the game its name. There are five different ones to choose, some even having powerful abilities. Simple Rod: A basic rod with 5 uses No abilities, work as normal rods do Advanced Rod: A reinforced rod with 12 uses No abilities, work as normal rods do The Mighty Rod: An ancient rod housing mythical powers, 25 uses No abilities, work as normal rods do The Blazing Rod: A demonic rod that can set enemies ablaze, 10 uses Will set enemies on fire when hit, fire lasts a short period The Gravity Rod: Harness the power of gravity, 10 uses When an enemy is hit and reeled in they will fly towards you at a rapid speed Useful for launching enemies off the map

Special Items: These items will surely spice up your game! Make use of them properly to gain an advantage against your foe. Dynamite: Place auto-ignited TNT Useful for hurting your enemy with explosive damage Could also use it to distract your foe Boost Pads: Powerful one time use launcher Useful for escaping when low on health Swapper: Swap opponent positions Useful for confusing your opponent in a battle or locating their previous position Granny’s Soup Restores 2.5 hearts when consumed Super Soup Restores 4 hearts when consumed

The Modes: There are currently three different modes to play: Classic, OP, Duos. Classic: Our first mode, regular gear Armor: Leather to Iron (Unenchanted) Weapons: Wood to Iron (Unenchanted) You have the ability to craft a diamond sword Mighty, Blazing and Gravity rods are less common OP: Our second mode, better gear Armor: Leather to Diamond (Enchanted, Iron and Diamond are more common) Weapons: Wood to Diamond (Enchanted, Iron and Diamond are more common) Mighty, Blazing and Gravity rods are more common Duos: Our third mode, classic gear Play in a 2v2 battle with a partner

What is Rod Royale?

Rod Royale is the newest and hottest game we offer. Using whatever items you get from the chests on the surrounding islands, fight in a battle against another player. To help you get from island-to-island there are three different types of boost pads each varying with tiers of strength in order to push you wherever you desire to go.