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More Detail & How to Play

The Credit Shop & The Kit Selector: While playing the game you may have noticed that you have gained some credits. You gain these credits in a few ways, some being: hitting a player, killing a player, mining gold or diamond blocks, or destroying a shield. In order to make these credits useful, you have to use The Credit Shop which is an enchanting table or use The Kit Selector which is an anvil, each are found on one team’s spawnpoint. When you open The Credit Shop GUI there is a whole page of items and other perks which can help you achieve victory. (For example, more arrows, double the credits your team gets for a minute, a more powerful bow). When you open The Kit Selector GUI, you get the option to pick a kit but if you want to unlock more kits, or upgrade a currently owned one, you must visit Kit Klaus, located in the pregame lobby and spend your valuable coins.

What is Infiltration?

In Infiltration you and your team will have to work together in order to capture the opposing team’s core. To achieve this desired goal, you will first have to destroy the shields of your enemy, each located on the left and right sides of the map. Once destroyed, head to the back-center of the map and you will find where their core is located. With the help of your teammates, take this core to the middle of the map and stand on the obsidian. A bing sound will begin to play and after 10 seconds without moving from that block, your team will win.