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The Arcade

The Arcade

mashup of fun microgames

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More Detail & How to Play


In Quarantine there are two teams, humans and the infected. Shortly after the match begins, a random player will be picked to be infected. That player is to chase down the humans and hit them three times to infect them as well. Be hasty though as when a human is hit they will get a temporary speed III (3) boost in attempt to escape any infected chasing them. Once infected, the other players must hunt down the rest of the humans until one of two events occur.

All humans become infected: if this occurs, the game ends with infected winning

The timer runs out: if this occurs, the game ends with all remaining humans winning the game


In Dash, all players are to keep running in an attempt to be the last one alive by not falling off the shortening platform.


In Fling, you have to hit your opponents off the map to be the last one standing. There are two ways to do this: Hit them to deal extra knockback than normalRight click to shoot a hook, if a player is hit they will fling towards you.

Bow Spleef

In Bow Spleef, shoot the TNT below your enemies’ feet in order to make them fall off the shrinking platform. Watch out though as each TNT shot has a chance to take out an entire line of TNT. This is indicated by flashing red and white wool blocks in a straight line. Last one alive wins.


In Spleef, use your shovel to dig a hole below your enemies’ feet in order to make them fall into the void. As you destroy below you will gain snowballs which can be used to shoot the snow blocks under your opponents.

Space Rush

In Space Rush, you must keep your helmet to stay alive. After a defined time those without a helmet will die and the next round will start, at the beginning of each round you have a chance to either have a helmet or not to. This pattern will continue until one player is remaining, the last player with a helmet wins the game. Here is what you must do in each state:If you have a helmet your entire hotbar will be filled with a random color of stained glass, avoid those who do not have glass on their head as they will try to steal yours.If you do not have a helmet you will get a bow. Using either melee or the bow, hit or shoot a player with glass on their head to steal their helmet and survive into the next round..

What is The Arcade?

Currently The Arcade has six exciting games to play with plenty of room to expand. Each game is unique from one another but they all share one common goal, come in first place. Each game in The Arcade comes equipped with their own map, currently there are seven but we are always expanding and you can expect tons more in the future!