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Good afternoon everyone!

As of today, our latest game Rod Royale is now available to all ELITE and ULTIMATE members!
Hop on when you can to give this exciting game a go!

Wait, what's Rod Royale?
Rod Royale is our latest fully unique gamemode, combining the adventure of Skywars SG with the excitement of Duels! Use boost pads to launch yourself across the map, loot chests and gear up, and be the first to defeat your opponent.

How can I play?
Right now, Rod Royale has been rolled out to all our premium members. If you want to play the game and also support Cubecade, feel free to purchase ELITE or ULTIMATE from our store!


We all hope you enjoy Rod Royale and are as excited for the future as we are! :D
Attention party people!

Player Housing is now available for PREMIUM PLAY!

What does this mean?
Well, this means if you have PRO premium rank or higher, you can join housing and start your adventure EARLY!

Want to participate in this awesome opportunity?
Go purchase any premium rank and have access to join and play!


For those members who unfortunately are not able to purchase a rank, housing will be out very soon. Slowly, but surely moving it to perfection. ;)

Hi community members and welcome to your next mini games adventure!

The Cubecade team is extremely excited for the future and I'd like to break down a few things for you all!

Cubecade is a mini games network consisting of an array of fun and innovative games to play on a daily basis. It is also a creator driven network catering towards them and their audiences! Meaning, we have a ton of creators from youtubers to streamers who play on Cubecade and create content weekly.

Where is housing?
Housing is coming later this week! It is a very meticulous and intricate game mode that does take time. Even with our extremely talented development team, it does take time! We will keep you all updated and promise you will have a BLAST on housing as it's developed over time.

Where can I apply for Helper?
You can apply under the Helper Applications section by copy pasting the format then creating a thread in that same section. Please do not PM a staff member about your application.

More information and news coming soon!