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Hello everyone,

Today I plan on sharing a personal post to all of you. As it currently stands, Cubecade is scheduled for closure on November 10th. This means the server and website will be taken offline indefinitely, as the discord and social media accounts will be archived. After many failed attempts at gaining traction we have decided to suspend development and move on to new projects instead, as it is getting too expensive to keep our services online and our attempts at gaining a community have stagnated.

The story of Cubecade
I began on the foundations of what would later become Cubecade all the way back in 2014. During this time I was working mostly alone, with the drive that even a little kid like me could make a server I could be proud of. Over the years that followed I gained an amazing and proud staff team that has helped me grow this project to a size I had never dared to dream of, taking on roles such as staff management, taking care of our social media and building our maps. This left me with more time to work on the actual plugin code, which became my primary project for the years to come.

The next chapter
For the past few months my admins and myself have been working on projects outside of Cubecade, mainly focused around game development, modeling, and design. This will be our full-time hobby project once Cubecade shuts its doors. For those who do want to follow us and our future projects, feel free to follow us at @ExodiusOfficial

Will Cubecade ever return?
The short answer is that it depends. As it stands we have no desire to return to Minecraft. In recent years the Minecraft Multiplayer community has turned extremely sour. We too have seen many servers fall and wither away, while only few thrive and grow. These days, the multiplayer scene is run by selfish bloated youtubers, sketchy deceitful server lists, and massive corporate networks that prevent ambitious passionate...

Hello everyone!

The Halloween Update is now available to play on Cubecade! Grab your friends and delve into the exciting Season 1 of our fully custom Skyblock Islands, walk around the hub with your very own King Bones minion, or hunt for the pumplings throughout the hub.

Besides awesome new features, during the halloween season you can use coupon code HALLOWEEN2019 for 15% OFF for all packages in our store.

Global Changelog
  • Introduced the Halloween Hub
  • Added a pumpkin hunt. Can you find them all?
  • Added a changelog item to the hub hotbar
  • Added /nick to Divine rank
  • Added Halloween Cases & Cosmetics
  • Added King Bones minion
Skyblock Changelog
  • Completely overhauled the Islands infrastructure
    • Fixed many issues, including slow loading times, invisible entities, and many more bugs
  • Started Skyblock Season 1
    • The winning island will receive a $75 reward at the end of the season
  • Added Island Wealth
  • Added Island Top (in both /is and the plaza)
  • Added Island Settings
  • Added customizable Island bed colors
  • Added Island Deletion
  • Added Island Renaming
  • Added Island Public/Private
  • Added Island Perks
  • Added /is visit
  • Added personal Hell dimensions to each island
    • Can be accessed with a regular nether portal
    • Contains hidden features ;)
  • Overhauled the Battle Zone in The Plaza
  • Added Envoys to the Battle Zone
  • Added Suprise Boxes
  • Added Grappling Hooks
  • Added Flight Orbs
  • Added Kit Packages
  • Added Custom Armor & Weapons
  • Added new spawners to the /shop
  • Improved /shop to save sessions when closing the menu
  • Added "kick online players" ability to the member management menu
  • Added player trading (Plaza)
  • Improved the crate drops
  • Fixed many issues
We have you all enjoy this update as much as we enjoyed making it, and would love to hear feedback from you! Have fun!
Hello, fellow Cubecadians!

Today we have some exciting information regarding skyblock! Ever since the release of the skyblock preseason on Cubecade we have gained a lot of valuable feedback and we have been planning a lot of exciting content for this coming update!

Changes being made for Season One
  • Season One will be starting on October 1st.
  • We will be introducing a new island infrastructure in order to correct some major bug issues in both creative and skyblock islands
  • With this new infrastructure, players will be able to retrieve their islands at the end of every season starting October 1st
  • Due to this infrastructure change, both skyblock and creative islands will be reset so that every player will have a fair start to the season for island top rewards (skyblock only)
  • Every skyblock season will last for a designated period of time, and skyblock islands will be reset for every season. Besides, each season will celebrate and reward the top islands of that season.
  • Creative will be disabled for now in order to get much-needed fixes and updates
We hope you guys are just as excited as we are about this upcoming update, and we can't wait to release further details in the coming days!

Hello there!

Today we have some exciting news to share! As of today, Galaxies has returned to Cubecade, as Galaxies 2.0. Besides reintroducing Galaxies to Cubecade, we have also taken this opportunity to make some much requested changes based on previous feedback.

  • Pickaxes and swords now downgrade on death instead of resetting to wood
  • Tweaked and improved some store prices
  • Increased the pace of the game which will result in more exciting, shorter games
  • Capturing a Galaxy Shard now creates a heal pool around your core
  • Cores are now destroyed in a single hit
    • Capturing a Galaxy Shard while having a broken core will start regenerating your core
    • Core related upgrades have been removed
  • Introduced an Island Trap team upgrade
    • Can be upgraded multiple times
    • Each upgrade strengthens the trap effects
    • When triggered, will decrease the trap level by 1
  • Fix rods, spacetime orbs, and jetpacks
  • Many more fixes!
We are all extremely excited to play Galaxies again, and can't wait to see you enjoy it too! Feel free to leave feedback, thoughts, and suggestions in the comments below. Have a great day!

Hello everyone!

Today I have some exciting news to announce: Cubecade now has a full on Friend System! For the past few months the addition of a friend system has been the top requested feature on Cubecade, and today it has finally arrived.

What is the friend system?
Simply put, with the friend system (/friend) you are able to invite players to your personal friend list. Doing so will allow you to view when your friends were last online, receive a chat announcement when they join or leave the server, and easily join their current game or server.

Overview of friend management commands
By using this easy to use list of commands you can easily manage your friends, join them in their current game, display their name history, and more!

The awesome friends overview menu (/f list) (/friends)
Friends, sent invitations, and incoming friend requests are visualized in an amazing looking menu, which makes it easy to view all your friends and invitations.

Oh and did I mention in the case you receive a friend request while offline, you will be prompted with a clickable notification in chat when you connect to a lobby. How convenient!

Click the notification to list all requests!
  • Are friends available for everyone? Yes! Friends are fully available to all players on Cubecade
  • How many friends can I have? The maximum amount of friends you can add to your list depends on your premium rank. Default players have a limit of 15 friends, while each premium rank increases the limit.
    • PRO: 35 Friends
    • ELITE: 75 Friends
    • ULTIMATE: 150 Friends
    • DIVINE: Unlimited!*
  • Is it possible to disable friend requests? Yes you can! Simply toggle them off in your preferences located in your...
Hello and welcome to this very special day!

After weeks of hard work, and amazing help from the entire staff team, I'm proud to announce the Cubecade Summer Update is finally upon us! This update has been the greatest update to Cubecade since release, and we can't wait for you to play it!

The Changelog
This next section will give an overview of all new features, changes, and bugfixes this update brings to Cubecade
  • Cubecade Challenges
    • Challenges provide a brand new way of obtaining experience, coins, and cases by completing a set of objectives.
    • Challenges can be found in your profile menu, or in the Enchanting Table in the HUB
    • When a challenge is enabled, you have exactly 24 hours to complete all it's objectives
    • Challenges come in different difficulties, with different objective amounts
    • Challenges can be skipped with coins (Except for Divine members)
  • Overhauled Achievements
    • Our Achievement system has been entirely overhauled, by implementing new achievements, and changing the way they work
    • Each achievement can now contain multiple Tiers to unlock, with each tier providing it's own reward.
    • This effectively increases the total amount of achievements you can unlock!
  • Divine Membership
    • We've introduced a brand new premium rank, named Divine
    • Divine can be purchased for members with Ultimate rank
    • Divine lasts 30 days, and can be extended manually by purchasing it again from the store
    • Divine receives awesome new perks, which can be found on our store here
  • New Arcade Games
    • We introduced two brand new arcade games
    • Paint Masters is a game where you race against your opponents to paint the most wool blocks before the timer runs out
    • Uprise is an exciting parkour game where you place the parkour as you go
    • We have also added a new map...
Good evening everyone!

As you may or may not have seen, Mojang has officially announced they will be making changes to combat once again, following the continued dislike towards 1.9 combat. Jeb released a new snapshot which gives us a look at the first iteration of this new combat. Today I'll break down the most important aspects of it, and provide the resources required for a healthy discussion.

More Information can be found here.

The Good
1) 1.9 Hit Delays It seems the days of 1.9 hit delays are behind us, as this new snapshot has fully removed the slow paced hit delay that was added in 1.9 (Which I can probably guarantee the majority of us multiplayer players disliked). Instead of delaying the speed at which you can swing and punishing players that jitter click, weapons can now carry variable damage speed, allowing certain weapons to damage players faster without slowing down the click rate of the player. We personally love this change as this effectively resets swords to 1.8 hit mechanics, awesome!

2) Variable Reach Besides different damage speeds, weapons also come with different reach values. Currently, only hoes and tridents come with an extended reach of 4 blocks (However, they do less damage to weigh it off), which is an awesome new mechanic which can greatly increase combat variety, and can be put to use in our minigames too ;)

3) Sword Sweeping The rather confusing and generally disliked sweeping functionality of swords in 1.9 has been removed, and instead is now only available by using enchantments. This again, is awesome for servers as this allows sweeping to effectively be disabled or enabled per game/kit/etc

4) Special Attacks While jitter clicking is back and effective once again, you now also have the option to charge your sword for a Special...
Hello everyone!

We would like to announce the upcoming Summer Update, expected to release around the start of July. After spending months and months analysing the server, developing many new features behind the scenes, and listening to community feedback, we are finally ready to announce the largest update in the history of Cubecade.

This update will represent a whole new era for Cubecade, and is considered a total re-birth of the server at whole, filling in the gaps we have left open since release. More details regarding the drastic changes we will be making is soon to come.

Oh! What will be added?!
Good question, and while most will be kept secret ;) I can however say besides adding a plethora of new content, we will be overhauling many existing parts of the server which have been lacking for months. We have listened to your concerns, and are ready to make the necessary changes to keep Cubecade exciting and fun!

What is going to happen until the release of the Summer Update?
Until the Summer Update releases, no further features or changes will be made to Cubecade in its current form, as all efforts will be directed towards bringing out an awesome solid mega update for the summer.

An additional post will be made regarding what happens to the server until the Summer Update.

Wow! How can I support this update?!
We are putting lots of effort into this update, costing us many hours of work every single day. If you would like to support this update, Cubecade in general, and the fantastic team behind Cubecade, feel free to purchase a package from our store at https://store.cubecade.net/

All purchases made go directly towards supporting Cubecade's development and upkeep.

Quick heads up that many new store packages will be released during the Summer Update, providing many new unlockable features, perks, and cosmetics!

Damn! Can I get a hug?
Sure! *hug*

Stay tuned for more information to come out...
Good afternoon Cubecadians!

Boy, oh boy, do we have some exciting news for you!
Cubecade has undergone many important updates as well as additions over the past few weeks. I will have a full change log posted below but many of the updates are very noticeable. We encourage you all to hop on Cubecade as soon as possible to check out these spectacular additions and changes!

On another quick note, expect to see some potential creator changes as well as new guys hopping into the Cubecade team. I will be creating a separate announcement regarding this when it is time. ;)

We hope you all continue to play our servers and look for some truly amazing things in store for this summer!
Full Changelog:

  • Completely revamped the cosmetics & unlockables experience on Cubecade
    • Unlockables can no longer be purchased directly
    • Added Legendary (Premium) cosmetic rarity
    • Improved the cosmetics menus with better descriptions
  • Removed the Unlock Smith
    • This is done in preparation for the soon to come Lobby Update
  • Greatly improved the value of cases and methods to obtain them
    • Basic Cases can be found by playing games
      • 3% Chance of dropping a Basic Game Case
      • 7% Chance of dropping a Basic Vanity Case
    • Special Cases can now be Forged in the Case Breaker
      • Costs 1,500 Coins
      • Premium ranks have a chance of forging Mythical instead
        • Pro - 3%
        • Elite - 7%
        • Ultimate - 14%
    • Mythical Cases can now be purchased from the store (Case Packs)
  • Upped the value of Case Packs (Same price)
    • Now results in a...
Hello everyone! As of now Rod Royale is officially released and available on the server!

For those of you who don't yet know what Rod Royale is, it's our latest fully unique game, combining the adventure of Skywars SG with the excitement of Duels! Use boost pads to launch yourself across the map, loot chests and gear up, and be the first to defeat your opponent.

The Rod Royale Event

Starting today, we launched a Week long Rod Royale Event! During the event, Event Tokens can be found spread around the chests. Click to claim them & the top 3 players with the most tokens on Saturday May 4th will receive rewards. The following rewards will be awarded:

1st Place - ULTIMATE premium rank + 25.000 Coins
2nd Place - ELITE premium rank + 15.000 Coins
3rd Place - PRO premium rank + 5.000 Coins

Store Sale

In celebration of the release of our latest gamemode, we have launched a 3-day long 20% STORE SALE on all packages, by using coupon code 'RODROYALE'

We want to thank everyone for making this new game possible and can't wait for everyone to enjoy it! :D
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